Futurism Recruit

Who We Are?

Bringing the Future of Finance Closer to You”
We are people who believe in financial innovation through blockchain technology. We are developing crypto algorithmic trading services and blockchain data solutions to popularize 'Crypto-finance'. Currently, there are 6 team members, 2 management team and 4 quant team.

Services of Futurism Labs

Crypto Algorithm Trading

Cryptocurrency is a highly volatile asset and requires systematic risk management.
Based on the techniques of traditional financial market, we have succeeded in achieving stable returns while thoroughly managing risks.
We plan to lead the crypto asset management industry based on our understanding of finance and technology.

Futurism Data Service

The lack of access to blockchain data has prevented many traders and data scientists from entering the market.
We aim to attract more participants to the blockchain ecosystem by lowering the barrier to entry for data with our data collection and pre-processing capabilities.

Culture of Futurism Team

Data-driven mindset
We communicate based on numbers and metrics instead of relying on gut feelings.
We strive to think probabilistically when convincing each other or making important decisions.
Active feedback for mutual improvement
We are willing to be bitter for the sake of personal and organizational development.
Members are open-minded and ready to accept feedback from each other, fix what's wrong and move forward quickly.
Flexible and quick decision-making
We are a concise team, so that we execute faster than anyone else if agree each other.
When we admit we're wrong, we don't hesitate to scrap a hypothesis and move on.
Commitment to our goals
We are a team that will try and win every conceivable case to achieve our goals.
We are a team who are constantly exploring and researching to achieve the same goal.




Quant Researcher/Trader
Quant Researcher/Trader

Contact us

Eugene Park CSO +82-10-6373-9187